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Todays topic finances and the holidays. I am not sure if anyone else is feeling the hurt or tightness this year, but things this year seem very tight. I am sure with all the extra Covid expenses at the beginning of the year with both of us, and the surgery, and illness’ but wow.

Usually within a couple days after Thanksgiving I usually pick up a couple boxes of Christmas and Holiday Cards and I sit down and start to fill them out, I have all my stamps, and the Godfather so graciously mails them on his way to work each night as I have so many done. This year so far I havent even bought them yet. Sad thing is I think I just realized the Grinch stole my Christmas spirit. I am The Grumpy GodMother true and true this year.

I look around theres no garland, no tree, no spirit anywhere, I havent bought the first gift and the Godfather and I are just getting over so massive head and chest cold or whatever that was so know need to lysol wipe the entire house. Maybe a Christmas smelling candle is needed for starters,or cookies, perhaps this weekend we will put the tree up. But have to find the spirit first. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions, of how they found theirs.

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Ok, for all these lockdowns I personally think they are rediculous but whatever. What are all of you folks doing at home? Im curious. When the Godfather and I are at home We usually eat dinner in the livingroom together before he goes off to work, not once have we worn a mask in our house, nor will we. He works in retail, and so do alot of our dearest friends and family, so I believe if we were going to have gotten Covid it would have happened already, only because they truly have been the essential workers making sure every one has what they need.

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It is so sad that while everyone has toliet paper, and their needs filled, how we quickly forget who the essential workers are. But run out of food, water, toliet paper, and suddenly grocery workers have essential travel driving papers. (To all you places doing special things for certain workers, ie Mcdonnalds) yes calling you out…. anyways, I heard about Governor of California’s new 3 week lockdown, and thats what started me thinking, wait I have been eating side by side next to this handsome man every day… mask…. what would make the difference whether we were in the livingroom or in a restaurant except for the fact I would not have to cook, and excuse me that just pisses me off even more…..

Personally this needs to stop, And we the people HAVE TO STAND UP AND take our Country back.

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Have a great day, be safe, and do something good today. ⚘❤ The Grumpy GodMother

Grab your drink, and lets get started: Legislators: We the People Are Ticked off, and NEED you to absolutely do your job and back Us!

So, the GodMother has been taking a course on our Constitution. Thank you Hillsdale College. They have so many wonderful courses to choose from, and for free (bet the democrazies didnt plan on that during this lockdown, me learning. Haha!) Anyway they have wonderful programs over there, let me know if you need the link.

But we truly need the legislators to do their jobs now as far as this election goes, if people would stop watching news channels and start only watching “OAN” which is One American News or I believe the other is News Network or just go to youtube and get the lowdown straight from Kayleigh or the staffers you would here the truth. FOX is still good at night I have been watching the classics Tucker, Laura from the Ingraham Angle, and Hannity but truly is saddens me that so many reporters have turn to shit. That what they put on paper, means absolutely nothing and that they would truly rather be shitty sellouts then report the truth, but then thats ok, cause it makes it easy for honest people like me to come in and tell the truth and be here for the people, before we are lead back to the hypothetically gas tanks. YOU THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW, THEY ARE LYING AND GETTING something from it.

Right now there is alot riding on these legislators in these different states to uphold for Us the people! The Law! To separate themselves from Government, and this choice they make will be Monumental, So much it could honestly lead to a Civil War. This is what our Fore Fathers put in place to protect us.


I hope everyone has a wonderful day, treat others as you wish to be treated. And thank you for joining me for coffee today. ⚘❤

So its that time, grab your drink and lets get to it. Hope everybody has been well!?!

So I will start off by saying those who celebrate Thanksgiving, this was my first holiday since my surgery, and I must admit it was not that tough, except for the fact poor Tank was sick on Thanksgiving and for about 3 days after, then the Godfather followed suit with some sort of sinus and upper respiratory yucky thing. And they both shared their respective illness’s with muh’ so eating has been alittle touchy, but still trying to get enough in. everyone is getting back to health now, and I suppose we had toget a bug or cold once this year. But it isnt Covid, so no freaking out allowed. But all in all so far glad I had it done. Realizing I think my biggest issue before is that I ate one meal a day, a 12 pack of diet coke, and 2 to 3 pots of coffee which in hindsight really wasnt a great diet. So far down 30 lbs and counting.

Think I will make a spot to add recipes, not really huge into cooking unless its easy healthy and tasty. But the good recipes I find, I might start sharing here. A short back story I found out I was sick years ago with Severe COPD, then for a while till we (I say, we like I have a mouse in my pocket but I have an amazing team of Doctors). Till we could get meds all straightened out 17 I think now, where when I left the house I wasnt coughing so hard I wet myself and had to go right back home, by the way now thats funny, a few years ago not so much. I became a shut in for a while, because everything set my breathing off, thank God the Godfather is such an amazing man. Finally on a path to loose weight so recently had gastric bypass, and honestly I would swear by it! As long as you are comfortable with your Doctor and his team, which will become yourteam, the support and care has been amazing.

Water bottle is empty, and it is about that time for walking, so I will be back later, but trying to stick more with happier upbeat topics, .lol

Enjoy your day, and be safe, treat others as you wish to be treated. ⚘❤

Its that time, lets grab our drinks:

So today I am going to get off off Politics, and rioting unless everyone wants me to go there and by all means let me know and we can have discussions. Today, I think I am going to touch on something that warmed my heart. I remember when i was a young girl in school, and everything stopped the teacher turned on tvs and we watched as Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, I remember feeling the excitement not truly sure I understood everything it meant for Neil, and his position but as a child’s view and feeling like we all were part of what he was doing. When President Trump put together a new branch of service. I started to feel that same excitement, the possibilities, oh my,.So I was so very disappointed in these democratic cities, Democratic Governors, for stealing the moment from our new Space force as they took off a few months ago for their first take off, that they couldnt as Astronauts steal everyones hearts for the moment. I have been working on this, I did get some beautiful pictures and I believe these men were robbed of their moment. I was honored to be glued to watch, I felt so very sorry for all those young children that missed that heart fluttering moments, watching these brave men move about Space and do the things they do. And there is promise, for the young go to school work hard, your dreams can come true, especially if you aspire to be an Astronaut.

These were the pictures I got of their taking off and safe landing in Space thank God, I am sure we all remember what happened with that one take off with the teachers God rest their souls. Anyways on their return I was lucky enough to be glued again to the tv and hoping there were just as many, but disappointed that stupid Chaz/chop was getting any attention so I figured I would put together my own moment to celebrate and share these men and Our new Space X program!

If I remember correctly I believe the wives of these Astronauts are also Astronauts and they are going up on next trip. I hope you enjoyed the pictures incase you missed the big launch, it truly was one of those moments that should not have been missed, and Americans as a whole dont forget whats important when it comes to our kids, look at them when they see spark and excitement in there eyes.

Treat others as you wish to be treated. Enjoy your wonderful day, thank you for sharing my coffee with me. Hope you enjoyed todays post. And OSU BUCKEYES GOOD LUCK TODAY, 😉☺ Your Grumpy GodMother⚘❤

Ok, it is that time folks, grab your drink of choice and lets get going: Everyone knows by I say what I feel, perhaps should hold some back, but screw that this is life I am to old raised my kids, this is my time, its all about No regrets at this point. I want people to know me, like me, hate me, but one thing No one will ever say is I wasnt honest, at times a bitch, but I try to give credit when credit is due. Well, by know everyone who has followed has heard something at some point about my small hillbilly little town aka County Hocking….and though I have seen some nightmare stuff from the Courts, some shady Lawyers, see now right here most would think wow this chick must be trouble, but No its just that I seem to have an imaginary magnet attached to me somewhere that says please, come to my house, pull me over, I need harassment from the law, because I try to live my life right. Now I know that sounds a little far fetched, but true. thats why I was getting so bent and ticked off when all these rich sports stars who were getting DUI’s and getting in trouble were crying poor me they are picking on me cause I am black,. No asshole, its cause your in trouble stupid. They come to my home in crack town because they chase the crackheads out of their former neighborhoods (rolling eyes, and thanking the lazy fucking Judges for their Catch and release program, Useless btw.)

Have to apologize,I got off topic. Those who know me, know I recently went thru major surgery. Well today I went for a check up,. All going well, but after that I decided I would go to try and vote depending on the line, how bad parking was. OMG! HOCKING COUNTY board of Elections People/Committee I could Not have been MORE impressed! There were parking spaces right out front just for voters! You go in the front door, give your license, get a gift pen aka no germs, go in a room had a choice to stand or sit, and after just having surgery, that was a nice option, vote and out the side door, think it took a total of 5 to 7 mins toget in and out. So I guess what I am saying is thank you,for making something in this town sweet and easy. Kudos ! Maybe whomever put that all together could do some training or retraining for the rest of the town. Anyway, I just want it known, I give praise where praise is deserved and there we have it. Hocking County Board of elections Earned a A+ for the day.

Hey folks, its that time let grab our coffee, drink of choice and get to it;

Honestly, it has been truly hard to write much over the past 6 to 8 months. I find I am angry. Which honestly isnt me. I am a sarcastic, sometimes funny, warped, easy going, but this whole election thing has like this cloud that just seems to surround me when I hear people I love and adore falling for 1st Bidens Bullshit, then Biden/ and his hoe Harris Bullshit. Those two people are Evil, lazy pieces of crap. And people who are Not doing their due diligence, to find out their pasts well shame on you! The part that truly pisses me off is if those two liars win, which let me state this I didnt think Trump was a sweetheart deal the first time around- But I did believe with all my heart he was the better of the 2 choices out of him and Hillary and I stand by that today, Hillary Clinton let those innocent men die in Bengazi. Those Men should have been pulled out, but werent,that was unforgivable!. The other thing is Clinton was around during Nixon, dont tell me her lifer sorry ass didnt have a part of Watergate and know better. She also knew what was going on with Bill, didnt care, he lied! They are fools and she and Bill ripped off the American people and others with all their scams, and should feel disgusted and like traders and just finally disappear under a rock some where, but wont its like we are just stuck with that plagued bitch,but whatever…when Hillary and Bill thee pervert are finally locked up at Gitmo I would love to be her Guard for a weekend. Anywho.

Moving right along, the thing that discourages me about the United States and humans is I believe stupidity, or laziness to do the homework, or they are going with what sounds good in the commercials! But Commercials are lies. My fear is what are we leaving my kids, my kids kids, your kids kids kids. We aretalking Generations to come and if Biden/harris somehow steal this election they have lied and contradicted themselves so much, there is no doubt this will be a COMMUNISTS COUNTRY! There is no doubt That thiswill be the end of the United States of America as we all knew it. So those of you who have not voted yet, DO YOUR HOME WORK! KNOW YOUR CANDIDATES! Please dont give up your Country because you think your getting something for free! Nothing is free! You may not like Trump but he has done everything he said he would do since being elected,first time around.

Please dont sell out the Country to a man Biden who has held office positions for 47 years and proven nothing,but gotten rich, and rich of his son Hunter who made alot of money during Joes term with Obama from Russia, Ukraine, and China,. Also Harris, track record put and innocent man on death row during a year she was going for Senator! And was going to let him die! Also was all for arresting parents of tardy children!?! Holy crap! We do not need these Psychos in office folks, remember this you might be the next person heading to that gas tank or prison cell !

WELL, my 2 cents, hopefully we will still live in a free Country, treat each other as you wantto be treated! Till next time, enjoy your life, . Your Grumpy GodMother ❤⚘

Well its that time lets grab that drink and get started

So I have to be honest I am a patriotic person, I never really realized how much until this past year when my Country started getting torn up in democratic cities. My father was a life long serviceman,and we moved constantly, then as an adult I became a tractor trailer driver cross country. I have lived thru alot of Presidents and even though some deserved total disrespect (Nixon,Clinton) they were Not because i believed their position.I mean christ They are the President! I dont know if its the kids and the way they are raised, or if people are just plum stupid and have no respect or morals anymore,but yes the Godmother is loosing patience with the amount of disrespect President Trump is receiving. Like him, dont like him none of us can treat our bosses like the Democratic Party, far left, Actors, Actress’s Kimmel the piece of crap- Treat our PRESIDENT! So why are they allowed to disrespect him and the American voters who voted for him.? Dont you fools realize all you are doing is giving Trump office again because you are all lazy slobs that didnt have a decent party? Acting like spoiled brats isnt going to win you the Election, neither is cheating.

And you high paid sports people kneeling during the anthem thinking that makes some statement it honestly donest except you wish to be poor and your a shithead. You people used to be something for our children to lookup to.. not anymore…..

LeBron the Douche came out and publicly said to Loughlins getting to pick out what jail she wants to go to for 2 months thats not equal but UNDERSTAND THIS…THAT IS RICH BEHAVIOR! We the pole feel the same everytime to sloppy piece of crap sports people get away with DUI’S, MURDER, DRUG DEALS, AND EVERYTHING ELSE YOU GET AWAY WITH! I am sick and damn tired of this being a white /black issue when in all reality its a Rich/poor issue ….. so you rich actors and sport people get up off your knees unless your in church praying….stop complaining about your fellow men and women and acting as if its black and white it isnt ….and stop tearing up my Country, us tax payers are tired Of your mouths!!


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So as I started to say, after the election I think you will see alot more of me … but for the time being you can see how i sway and turn Political so easy….and thats not my intent when I start out.

Anyway, have a wonderful day, glad I could be a small part. Treat others as you want to be treated. Next topic I would like to get back to is the adoption. ⚘❤

The Grumpy GodMother ▪

Its that time, grab your drink: todays discussion Ted Wheeler Mayor and Kate Brown Governor

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE! NOT President Trump ! Its your city your people, Condemn the violence NOW you stupid fools, Get Control of your cities!

Biden shut up! your 80 days to late! IF I WERE TRUMP WHICH YOUR DAMN LUCKY I AM NOT, I WOULD NOT WORRY ABOUT BEING CALLED A DICTATOR I WOULD HAVECONTROLLED YOUR CITIES 80 DAYS AGO AND CONSIDERED LIVES BLACK WHITE MEXICAN WHATEVER SAVED! HOW DARE YOU PEOPLE IN OFFICE PLAY WITH LIVES LIKE THIS WHEN YOU HAVE CONTROL TO STOP THIS, . Just saying but you all sicken me! And Yes IF it comes down to a revolution you leaders hiding better be fearing US the people because I will go for you sad leaders first! STOP THE FUCKING MADNESS NOW, AND SAVE THE PEOPLE IN YOUR CITIES, THEY DONT DESERVE TO LIVE LIKE THIS. This is not an election ploy! And far leftist are not the way to lead the USA!


I have never been in my life been a racist . But BLM is a terrorist organization they have come right out and said they are Marxist they are not for Black lives that is bullshit and that is why so many blacks and whites are dying because to them NO LIVES MATTER just destruction, how dare anyone who backs and funds them! aka Khols, Target, bed bath and beyond, and the rest of you I will NEVER SPEND ANOTHER DIME WITH EVER! HOW DARE YOU! ONCE AGAIN I WILL SAY IT ” ALL LIVES MATTER” ALTHOUGH I would seriously have to think about some of these whiny ass mayors and governors who no longer deserve a single ounce of respect for letting their own people get murdered UNJUSTLY! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU! LAST WARNING GET CONTROL OF YOUR CITIES NOW!

I have been been biting my tongue, taping my hands behind my back but here goes I finally broke free from the bonds and this Grumpy Godmother is going to let it flow. So if this offends, sorry but bend over and kiss your ass. Personally I am sick and damn tired about worrying about others feelings, especially since I as a human being living in Country a daughter of a Man who gave his whole life to the military (dont get it twisted, he worked hard, I am very proud of my Dad and his accomplishments and I will say my Moms, because without the Military wife backing that husband it doesnt work.) Thank you to all those serving or who have served, you are so appreciated.

NOW my first beef is with “SPORTS” IF YOU HIGH PAYING BITCHES DO NOT STOP USING YOUR JOB AS YOUR PLATFORM YOU WILL LOSE! We the people can live with out you high paid spoiled trash stupid punks! Knock it off Lebron James everyone is sick of your traitor ass, crawl under a rock and disappear will you stupid ! And take Colin Kaperdick with you. Your sad excuses of men and poor sportsmen for kids to follow.

My second beef: what is going on in these Democrazie States and cities, Seattle, Portland, Minnesota, Chicago now Wisconsin IT HAS TO STOP! I dont know if this is a Pelosi/Biden ploy to win the election but your sick and demented people ! LET ME MAKE THIS VERY CLEAR: THIS IS NOT TRUMPS FAULT, THIS IS YOUR GOVERNORS AND MAYORS FAILING YOU IF YOU LIVE IN THESE CITIES! MAKE SURE YOU VOTE THESE STUPID PEOPLE OUT! The violence must STOP! there will be NO defunding of Police that is absolutely Stupid! If anything more funds are needed for more training, but the disrespect that has been given to so many officers is a shame!

Next BLM and Antifa you are not out for any cause ! You are anarchists aka Terrorist and I hope you each get what you have coming to you for what you have done to Our beautiful Country so far. I dont understand why you have Not been shot in the face for the BULLSHIT your causing in these cities but you must have picked cities where people are known not to fight, Understand this is President Trump does Not win there will be a revolution!Most of us are sick and tired of our Country being taken over by Thugs. You are NOT the Majority, ..

The USA WILL NOT LOOK LIKE THIRD WORLD COUNTRY, and any actors and actress’s that dont like this Country ie: the big mouths threatening to leave if Trump wins LEAVE NOW YOU WONT BE MISSED EITHER,.

God Speed, God Bless everyone, people living in the South dealing with Laura please be safe your in our thoughts and prayers!

Life, family, humor, sarcasm, Pets, food, Travel, ect. We have alittle of all.