Thieves: Thats my beef for today.

What on gods earth gives the right to anyone to just walk up and steal someone else’s belongings off their property.!?! As child my parents would have beaten me with a belt. I raised my kids right at a young age “Dont Do it” Their are serious consequences! So way back in the day, it was myself, my oldest daughter, and my 2 nephews, just to give a visual me a two 4 year olds and a 2 year old at the store. Fun (rolling eyes) anywho, we got what we went for, and went thru the register and as I was giving the cashier my fullest attention, those little rolled up horoscope thingies were on the very end of th lane (after you check out) of course I wasnt paying attention that was the first mistake as the adult, however I had 3 young kids ughhhh, so by the time we got to the car I noticed them playing with something, I grabbed what my daughter (we will call her Nicki, for the sake of me not having to type daughter, constantly) ok back to Nicki, I looked at what she had , noticed this unrolled horoscope and said where did you get this!?! She replied at the end, on counter…”I said to all 3 as I lined them up this is stealing! We Never Steal! This is your first and only lesson with me! So pay attention or you will end up in jail and thats your future (not truly sure how much the 2 year old learned that day, but he is a Police officer today,so) so I marched the 3 kids back in the store, went to customer service, asked for the manager, he came to us and said how can I help you? I said as I handed him about 10 unrolled horoscopes, My children stoled these and would first like to apologize, 2nd how do you wish to handle this? Do we owe you for these? The manager replied with oh thats fine! No charge, its ok, I took him aside and said look Mr. I am trying right now to teach a very valuable life lesson, ignore their cute blonde scared to death faces and toughen up! He agreed and we stepped back to the kids, he reminded them if they ever stoled again in his store he would have to call the police, take their pictures and hang at front customer service area…so moving right along, we were done with the kids and I said to the manager Now its your turn! WTH is the matter with you people ? Why would you put those stupid things on the other side of the register when parents are paying attention to the cashier and trying to get out of the store, do you realize how much of my time you have taken with this!?! Now I expect anything that has to be paid for from now on to be before the registers and put free crap after! And he agreed and it was done! Just my two cents.

Where has society gone so wrong?! Honestly, I truly hope this strikes up responses ” not arguements”. But everyone works hard for what they have LEAVE IT ALONE! IT ISNT YOURS! OR I like I said to hubby this morning after the poor kid downstairs had his fishing poles and tackle box stolen out of his own vehicle, heck with theives perhaps when caught take their hands…. to harsh!?! Be they wont steal anymore, well it will be harder….. enjoy your day ⚘🎈πŸ₯‚The Grumpy GodMother

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