Coffeetime with the Godmother: Well, today is alittle different.

I havent been on much in a day or so, the Godfather and I adopted this adorable dog a year ago. The year flown by but we took him friday to the groomer to get his hair, nails, the works done. I always spice it up by telling him he is going for his spa day, and he perks right up. We finally found the right groomers. You would never imagine, but honestly a dogs haircut can be as screwed up as a humans if not don right (and you know how we feel about our hair!) Anyway kudos to “Hair Of the Dogs WEE Care” in Lancaster Ohio. Not only do they make you feel super comfortable, our furry munchkin smelled and looked amazing! The reason I mention all this is they mentioned a possible medical issue to me, of course this being Memorial weekend, I figured I would call the Veterinary doc that Tank our dog goes to, I didnt get to call till around 5 pm on friday evening going into the holiday the vet office said can you bring Tank in tomorrow at 12:30. I said yes of course, we will be there. We worried all night, the Vet checked him out completely and went above and beyond and check his ears because I had noticed that he had been scratching at his left ear lately, then came time to pay the bill, the Godfather took Tank outside and I dealt with the fun part, but all I can say is thank you so very much Lancaster Animal Clinic! The Dr there is one of the best around we have been going there for a year, and like I said going into the holiday weekend they got us right in, made sure Tank was going to be fine, and the charge very reasonable! Piece of mind knowing he was ok -like the Mastercard commercial ……Everything.

Pretty good weekend, very thankful to all who were involved.

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