Coffeetime with the Grumpy GodMother: Small town Courthouse abuse of power!

So yesterday I was at the courthouse sitting on the bench, this irritable older woman walked back and forth about 10 different times, making sure I caught her dirty displeased look each time. I was clean, I was dressed appropriately and I just couldnt figure out what this womans problem was. Looked to the Godfather who was sitting with me and I said one more time of her walking past me with those looks and I will be a smart arse and ask if this is where I get my car title done. From the moment we walked in that door she was nasty, my point is this, I never in my life met this woman, at the very least she has this screwed up She is the one who owed me PEASANTRY! I was not there for myself, and by God even if I was what happened to Innocent before proven Guilty!

I am getting livid with the behaviors out of these people ie, office workers, sherriffs, police, lawyers, Judges, ect You owe the people Pleasantry you miserable grouchy slouches IF YOU CANT TREAT PEOPLE WITH RESPECT GO HOME! YOUR FIRED! I was never allowed to act like that in the work force and I will be damned if I or anyone else I see is treated that way by someone that they dont deserve it from!

Your Grumpy GodMother, play nice today 😉

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