Good afternoon everyone, its that time with the GodMother:

Well it has been a rough month, 2 power outages, then Internet, cable, and phone, oh and prednisone in the beginning it was high doses, it helped the feeling like I was sucking air though a coffee stirrer, but at moments terrified hubby and poor Tankers. [Thanks AEP, rolling eyes] It lead to more unnecessary doctor bills, and work , but then some good Now they the electric company understands that even though my bill is paid in full, you have to provide me with a service that I need. The internet company well they made me realize that at any given time they can shut my phone off [the asshats at the electric company showed that also] so it made me research cell phones and decide at my age I guess we do need 2 even though I hate the phone. But thinking at least I can fire them….to a point…😂😂 a little satisfaction for the grump.

Then after all this the poor dog has heat spots and feels lousy, so he now is on prednisone and antibiotics. Atleast I am back, and can take care of things. Hubby well he was frantic there for a few days, so I am not allowed to scare him like this, and Im not allowed to go anywhere. 😂😊 Its cute that he thinks I need permission. 😉

I am back, I am doing some homework on pictures and stuff. Has anyone ever had any issues using from these sites like wordpress or anywhere else? Having an issue with another site and not so trusting now. Here is the issue: Hubby made a video, he used the ps4, he used music offered to him thru Share factory to go along with the video [and even though it was a crappy remix] they are now claiming he infringed on some rights and the person who made the claim has the right to shove ads into his video…thats all concerning. We do go with paid versions of all these sites… anywho, if anyone has had similiar issues please hit me up and let me know. More so curiosity, how you handled, maybe suggestions.

So I promise more in the next few days, and it will be more to myself. Until then enjoy, life sucks no one gets out alive, its how we live it which determines how sucky or good.

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