I have been been biting my tongue, taping my hands behind my back but here goes I finally broke free from the bonds and this Grumpy Godmother is going to let it flow. So if this offends, sorry but bend over and kiss your ass. Personally I am sick and damn tired about worrying about others feelings, especially since I as a human being living in Country a daughter of a Man who gave his whole life to the military (dont get it twisted, he worked hard, I am very proud of my Dad and his accomplishments and I will say my Moms, because without the Military wife backing that husband it doesnt work.) Thank you to all those serving or who have served, you are so appreciated.

NOW my first beef is with “SPORTS” IF YOU HIGH PAYING BITCHES DO NOT STOP USING YOUR JOB AS YOUR PLATFORM YOU WILL LOSE! We the people can live with out you high paid spoiled trash stupid punks! Knock it off Lebron James everyone is sick of your traitor ass, crawl under a rock and disappear will you stupid ! And take Colin Kaperdick with you. Your sad excuses of men and poor sportsmen for kids to follow.

My second beef: what is going on in these Democrazie States and cities, Seattle, Portland, Minnesota, Chicago now Wisconsin IT HAS TO STOP! I dont know if this is a Pelosi/Biden ploy to win the election but your sick and demented people ! LET ME MAKE THIS VERY CLEAR: THIS IS NOT TRUMPS FAULT, THIS IS YOUR GOVERNORS AND MAYORS FAILING YOU IF YOU LIVE IN THESE CITIES! MAKE SURE YOU VOTE THESE STUPID PEOPLE OUT! The violence must STOP! there will be NO defunding of Police that is absolutely Stupid! If anything more funds are needed for more training, but the disrespect that has been given to so many officers is a shame!

Next BLM and Antifa you are not out for any cause ! You are anarchists aka Terrorist and I hope you each get what you have coming to you for what you have done to Our beautiful Country so far. I dont understand why you have Not been shot in the face for the BULLSHIT your causing in these cities but you must have picked cities where people are known not to fight, Understand this is President Trump does Not win there will be a revolution!Most of us are sick and tired of our Country being taken over by Thugs. You are NOT the Majority, ..

The USA WILL NOT LOOK LIKE THIRD WORLD COUNTRY, and any actors and actress’s that dont like this Country ie: the big mouths threatening to leave if Trump wins LEAVE NOW YOU WONT BE MISSED EITHER,.

God Speed, God Bless everyone, people living in the South dealing with Laura please be safe your in our thoughts and prayers!

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