Well its that time lets grab that drink and get started

So I have to be honest I am a patriotic person, I never really realized how much until this past year when my Country started getting torn up in democratic cities. My father was a life long serviceman,and we moved constantly, then as an adult I became a tractor trailer driver cross country. I have lived thru alot of Presidents and even though some deserved total disrespect (Nixon,Clinton) they were Not because i believed their position.I mean christ They are the President! I dont know if its the kids and the way they are raised, or if people are just plum stupid and have no respect or morals anymore,but yes the Godmother is loosing patience with the amount of disrespect President Trump is receiving. Like him, dont like him none of us can treat our bosses like the Democratic Party, far left, Actors, Actress’s Kimmel the piece of crap- Treat our PRESIDENT! So why are they allowed to disrespect him and the American voters who voted for him.? Dont you fools realize all you are doing is giving Trump office again because you are all lazy slobs that didnt have a decent party? Acting like spoiled brats isnt going to win you the Election, neither is cheating.

And you high paid sports people kneeling during the anthem thinking that makes some statement it honestly donest except you wish to be poor and your a shithead. You people used to be something for our children to lookup to.. not anymore…..

LeBron the Douche came out and publicly said to Loughlins getting to pick out what jail she wants to go to for 2 months thats not equal but UNDERSTAND THIS…THAT IS RICH BEHAVIOR! We the pole feel the same everytime to sloppy piece of crap sports people get away with DUI’S, MURDER, DRUG DEALS, AND EVERYTHING ELSE YOU GET AWAY WITH! I am sick and damn tired of this being a white /black issue when in all reality its a Rich/poor issue ….. so you rich actors and sport people get up off your knees unless your in church praying….stop complaining about your fellow men and women and acting as if its black and white it isnt ….and stop tearing up my Country, us tax payers are tired Of your mouths!!


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So as I started to say, after the election I think you will see alot more of me … but for the time being you can see how i sway and turn Political so easy….and thats not my intent when I start out.

Anyway, have a wonderful day, glad I could be a small part. Treat others as you want to be treated. Next topic I would like to get back to is the adoption. ⚘❤

The Grumpy GodMother ▪

One thought on “Well its that time lets grab that drink and get started”

  1. I agree with you kiddo. I just cant fathom how people just do not see the dems agenda. If the American people would get a “download” of the actual truth of the lies that have been shoved down our throats by politicians in the last 25 years, there would be silence followed by an outcry from the people in a unified cry of outrage like has never been heard before. Talk about draining a swamp. That swamp would look like a barren wasteland. It blows my mind that we have become a people of complacency & that believe whatever is reported by the supposed news broadcasts. They are supposed to report TRUTH. however, I’m not sure any of them know the truth anymore. It has been distorted by manipulation of so many that are covering everyone’s butt from lies to hide the corruption they are tied into. They have twisted the truth so many times I dont think they actually know what the truth is. Can you imagine actually getting the truth about the Clinton, Obama, Bush time in office? The speech from Clinton on immigration that was used by Obama basically verbatim (which received rounds of applause) was reiterated again by President Trump, who was criticized by one after another, tearing him down & trying to destroy him in the public’s eye. I doubt everyone of us will agree on every comment made by each politician. However, I will not understand how a President of the USA could be treated with such disrespect. I didn’t agree with anything Obama said or did, but I wasn’t acting like a 3 year old throwing a temper tantrum screaming about leaving my home and country if Obama were re-elected like was done when President Trump was running for office. Leaders of industry, whether entertainment, professional athletes, or any other place of “power and influence” are used as role models for the children of this country, and we wonder how they get so far off track. There is such a mentality of entitlement now that I am not so sure that we would fair as well as our grandparents or great grandparents did in hard times like we have never seen since.

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