Ok, it is that time folks, grab your drink of choice and lets get going: Everyone knows by I say what I feel, perhaps should hold some back, but screw that this is life I am to old raised my kids, this is my time, its all about No regrets at this point. I want people to know me, like me, hate me, but one thing No one will ever say is I wasnt honest, at times a bitch, but I try to give credit when credit is due. Well, by know everyone who has followed has heard something at some point about my small hillbilly little town aka County Hocking….and though I have seen some nightmare stuff from the Courts, some shady Lawyers, see now right here most would think wow this chick must be trouble, but No its just that I seem to have an imaginary magnet attached to me somewhere that says please, come to my house, pull me over, I need harassment from the law, because I try to live my life right. Now I know that sounds a little far fetched, but true. thats why I was getting so bent and ticked off when all these rich sports stars who were getting DUI’s and getting in trouble were crying poor me they are picking on me cause I am black,. No asshole, its cause your in trouble stupid. They come to my home in crack town because they chase the crackheads out of their former neighborhoods (rolling eyes, and thanking the lazy fucking Judges for their Catch and release program, Useless btw.)

Have to apologize,I got off topic. Those who know me, know I recently went thru major surgery. Well today I went for a check up,. All going well, but after that I decided I would go to try and vote depending on the line, how bad parking was. OMG! HOCKING COUNTY board of Elections People/Committee I could Not have been MORE impressed! There were parking spaces right out front just for voters! You go in the front door, give your license, get a gift pen aka no germs, go in a room had a choice to stand or sit, and after just having surgery, that was a nice option, vote and out the side door, think it took a total of 5 to 7 mins toget in and out. So I guess what I am saying is thank you,for making something in this town sweet and easy. Kudos ! Maybe whomever put that all together could do some training or retraining for the rest of the town. Anyway, I just want it known, I give praise where praise is deserved and there we have it. Hocking County Board of elections Earned a A+ for the day.

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