Its that time, lets grab our drinks:

So today I am going to get off off Politics, and rioting unless everyone wants me to go there and by all means let me know and we can have discussions. Today, I think I am going to touch on something that warmed my heart. I remember when i was a young girl in school, and everything stopped the teacher turned on tvs and we watched as Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, I remember feeling the excitement not truly sure I understood everything it meant for Neil, and his position but as a child’s view and feeling like we all were part of what he was doing. When President Trump put together a new branch of service. I started to feel that same excitement, the possibilities, oh my,.So I was so very disappointed in these democratic cities, Democratic Governors, for stealing the moment from our new Space force as they took off a few months ago for their first take off, that they couldnt as Astronauts steal everyones hearts for the moment. I have been working on this, I did get some beautiful pictures and I believe these men were robbed of their moment. I was honored to be glued to watch, I felt so very sorry for all those young children that missed that heart fluttering moments, watching these brave men move about Space and do the things they do. And there is promise, for the young go to school work hard, your dreams can come true, especially if you aspire to be an Astronaut.

These were the pictures I got of their taking off and safe landing in Space thank God, I am sure we all remember what happened with that one take off with the teachers God rest their souls. Anyways on their return I was lucky enough to be glued again to the tv and hoping there were just as many, but disappointed that stupid Chaz/chop was getting any attention so I figured I would put together my own moment to celebrate and share these men and Our new Space X program!

If I remember correctly I believe the wives of these Astronauts are also Astronauts and they are going up on next trip. I hope you enjoyed the pictures incase you missed the big launch, it truly was one of those moments that should not have been missed, and Americans as a whole dont forget whats important when it comes to our kids, look at them when they see spark and excitement in there eyes.

Treat others as you wish to be treated. Enjoy your wonderful day, thank you for sharing my coffee with me. Hope you enjoyed todays post. And OSU BUCKEYES GOOD LUCK TODAY, 😉☺ Your Grumpy GodMother⚘❤

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