So its that time, grab your drink and lets get to it. Hope everybody has been well!?!

So I will start off by saying those who celebrate Thanksgiving, this was my first holiday since my surgery, and I must admit it was not that tough, except for the fact poor Tank was sick on Thanksgiving and for about 3 days after, then the Godfather followed suit with some sort of sinus and upper respiratory yucky thing. And they both shared their respective illness’s with muh’ so eating has been alittle touchy, but still trying to get enough in. everyone is getting back to health now, and I suppose we had toget a bug or cold once this year. But it isnt Covid, so no freaking out allowed. But all in all so far glad I had it done. Realizing I think my biggest issue before is that I ate one meal a day, a 12 pack of diet coke, and 2 to 3 pots of coffee which in hindsight really wasnt a great diet. So far down 30 lbs and counting.

Think I will make a spot to add recipes, not really huge into cooking unless its easy healthy and tasty. But the good recipes I find, I might start sharing here. A short back story I found out I was sick years ago with Severe COPD, then for a while till we (I say, we like I have a mouse in my pocket but I have an amazing team of Doctors). Till we could get meds all straightened out 17 I think now, where when I left the house I wasnt coughing so hard I wet myself and had to go right back home, by the way now thats funny, a few years ago not so much. I became a shut in for a while, because everything set my breathing off, thank God the Godfather is such an amazing man. Finally on a path to loose weight so recently had gastric bypass, and honestly I would swear by it! As long as you are comfortable with your Doctor and his team, which will become yourteam, the support and care has been amazing.

Water bottle is empty, and it is about that time for walking, so I will be back later, but trying to stick more with happier upbeat topics, .lol

Enjoy your day, and be safe, treat others as you wish to be treated. ⚘❤

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