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Todays topic finances and the holidays. I am not sure if anyone else is feeling the hurt or tightness this year, but things this year seem very tight. I am sure with all the extra Covid expenses at the beginning of the year with both of us, and the surgery, and illness’ but wow.

Usually within a couple days after Thanksgiving I usually pick up a couple boxes of Christmas and Holiday Cards and I sit down and start to fill them out, I have all my stamps, and the Godfather so graciously mails them on his way to work each night as I have so many done. This year so far I havent even bought them yet. Sad thing is I think I just realized the Grinch stole my Christmas spirit. I am The Grumpy GodMother true and true this year.

I look around theres no garland, no tree, no spirit anywhere, I havent bought the first gift and the Godfather and I are just getting over so massive head and chest cold or whatever that was so know need to lysol wipe the entire house. Maybe a Christmas smelling candle is needed for starters,or cookies, perhaps this weekend we will put the tree up. But have to find the spirit first. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions, of how they found theirs.

Photo by Any Lane on
Photo by Any Lane on

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