So I figured my drastic changes deserve perhaps some explanation. For those who know me thank you be patient … for those who dont… I want you you get to know me, short version of my life is this, I was always the black sheep in my family, a good easy going person, wild child in my younger days, and very settled in my old age( haha)I met real shithead men throughout my younger days all my own doing. I take full responsibility for my actions and my life as I believe people should. However, Finally late in my life I was very lets call it blessed to find an amazing man, and anyone who truly knows him, knows he is very passionate when he feels strongly about something as I do also, and when I started this site I had fun just blurting out what ever my sarcastic mouth felt like saying whenever the mood struck. But as the Election took place alot of people (me) especially felt we fucking robbed and an anger day in and day out that just wasnt changing, so I had to change.

Now this is where the food is getting ready to come in (soon) haha. Back in 2011, I went to a doctor after a month of straight coughing and not being able to breath very well, and was diagnosed with severe COPD, (like a dumbass, still smoking) after a couple months and alot of doctor visits my doctor looked me in the face and said very seriously you have at best 5 years if you keep smoking and doing what your doing ie coffee for breakfast, lunch, and then eat dinner, well that kinda scared me enough just to house bound myself but not much else…. so still smoking, still not eating right, 5 years came and past,oh yeah and I changed doctors just didn’t like someone who seemed more sarcastic then myself, anyway, I started realizing I have stuff to live for, I quit smoking.

Oh, and here is where the food comes in, now see when you home bound yourself and you have no exercise equipment, and your not eating right well I am sure by now you see where this is going I got up to my highest weight ever 283 lbs, (I am so lucky my hubby is a loving patient man) so invested in a treadmill Please please please DO NOT BUY ANYTHING PRO FORM !!!! Their Customer service is absolutely impossible! I tried to deal with them when I first got the machine they had every piece of info, and still wanted me to call, they corrected my english, they are rude and totally NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE FRIENDLY! So I will not buy anymore equipment thru them, and I am looking to do a whole gym.

But moving right along, since October I have lost about 65 lbs. yes you saw that right. I am down to about 220. But every once in a while, Not all the time I want something sweet, so I have been investing in protein bars,. I dont know if you have tried any of these but let me tell you, 90% of what I have tried is disgusting,

Honestly this is NOT a plug for any of these, but out of this picture the Adkins peanut butter on top left were the best, and the Think peanut butter all hit the trash. This is why I am baking. if you want a snack, It should not be 220 calories, and it should Not be a tasteless piece of cardboard crap!

So I will once again thank all the people I have been forcing fresh bake goods on but I am trying to work out recipes so they are Low calorie yet full flavor, and yes there has been some crap I have just had to trash, but the stuff I am sharing I would like honest opinions, so I can share here, and also I am working on a cookbook that will have great meals, sides, desserts, will it be for all no, but the Godfather has dropped 15 to 20 lbs last time we weighed him he is a diabetic and he wasnt even trying to loose it. And I am loosing it, so it has to be in the better desserts and the use of spices and herbs, and well hell why not share that info.

Plus, omg my sweet adorable little Irish mother Never tought me how to cook for just 2 now that everyone has left the nest, so I have to send some of this food out. *giggles*Have a wonderful day, treat others as you want to be treated, and please if you like please hit the button.

PS low calorie Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe coming next.

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