So my apologies to all those who might have been waiting, I have been trying out some new recipes, (I do have a few to add) I promise I will, I have been on a Mexican food kick lately, but there are still ways to enjoy it and not have trillions of calories and feel guilty after. But lately, the Grumpiness has been coming out from the Grumpy Godmother, and I am not sure if it is good or bad. But I think I will let me readers help me decide if I am over the top or if you understand that top limit that one can reach, so someone just is going to get it, I suppose…. I think its Kinda how I feel about this white privileged BS lately but I will stay away from that. I have also decided that perhaps once a week, if a Company or Corporation screws up, well we are going to have a shit show called something like “If you dont want to do your job well, Just stay home!”

This week we are going to pick on Sparkle paper towels, and please when reading the conversation remember who I am 1) The Grumpy GodMother 2) its supposed to be humorous, but yet at same time I am sick and tired of throwing money away, and Not saying something to these companies about their Crappy ass Products that they should be ashamed of themselves on.

AP Customer Support 
Thu, May 6, 1:16 PM (1 day ago)

to me


Thank you for your email.

This is to confirm that we have received your message and will respond within 72 hours.

Your case number is XXXXXX.

Thanks & Regards,

GP AP Customer Service


TO: APservice@

Subject: Sparkle Paper Towels:

Sent: Thu May 06 13:10

Received: Thu May 06 

 I wrote:

I asked my husband to go to the store the other day and get me well needed paper towels, my first mistake. I was under the belief he understood clearly I only use Bounty, Brawny or the great value brand ( I understand how that sounds but they offer a product that isnt to bad) however the Man I have been married to doesn’t know me at all he brought home SPARKLE 4 rolls equals 8 (calling BS on that) Thirst pockets (Calling BS on that) and select a size and you absolutely DO NOT WANT TO KNOW MY CHOICE OF LANGUAGE FOR THAT! I told him dont EVER bring those crappy ass paper towels in my house again or you can find a New home ( don’t be surprised if you see a big teddy bear of a guy living on your doorstep)! They’re Not cut right so 2 times now I have gone to pull a paper towel and the whole F*cking roll comes down with it …. I DO NOT Have the patience or desire to roll them back up (because your employees can’t or won’t do their jobs or your company is too damn cheap to replace blades) so they have gone out in the trash and I am currently starting on a third roll which is doing the same shit…. Now I am writing to you only cause I am pissed off you wasted my money and time and caused me to get ticked off at my sweet hubby for thinking he was saving a few cents on your lies. NOT WORTH IT!!! if you prefer to put out a shitty product, there are so many other companies out there putting out good ones, please do us all a favor and shut your doors! That or wake up and realize Customers have a choice and do NOT want Crappy Lies, and get your shit together and put out a decent product! 


The Grumpy Godmother!

PS:Pass this on to whomever needs to be involved!

Now I believe I was being humorous, but will fill you all in on their response or how they deal with…..

Next I believe is that stupid egg shell remover thingy, I got a dud, grrrrr, but will finish with Sparkle, and get a Recipe or 2 posted. Enjoy your day, be safe, and try to be happy. Your Grumpy GodMother

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