So first I would like to thank all my readers, I do appreciate each and everyone of you. I wish you all the happiest and safest of holidays.

I do have a few things to discuss this week, first the Godfather has been asking me repeatedly to post my space recipe, that he has been telling everyone about, now there are a few things I should explain, when I first made this recipe, my poor daughter would get tired of it only because it was 2 to 3 of us I was feeding, and we’ll I only knew how to cook it for an army,. However over the years I have learned by tasting, and testing, how to come up with a smaller version. Now, beside the original complain that I was making a stock pot full, there have never been complaints about my sauce, so here goes for those of you looking for a great sauce. Also, if you would like to have a meat sauce- just brown your meat, or ground sausage first a pound of either to this recipe and it will make an awesome lasagne, or spaghetti sauce. But here giving the meatless version where you can use with cheesy bread, garlic bread, meatballs, and so much more and it freezes well. So here we go.

But I do have another topic I would like to discuss. Something that effected us this week, but my thinking isn’t so much the effect on us although if I didn’t stand my ground, it could have but what about the elderly who jackholes who are self centered, selfish deliberately kill or create health issues in legal abiding citizens. So the Godmother is getting ready for a rant but please let me know your thoughts on the sauce. If you have the spices, a can of puree is a 1.00 at Walmart and Krogers, you could make a meat or meatless flavorful spaghetti dinner for under 4.oo for a family.

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