Courts and seriously over stepping their bounds:

About a month ago (and anyone can say it’s none of my business, but screw that, my family, my friends, my f*cking business that’s just who I am like it or not and Hocking County well they should know better then to be stupid morons and bother me or my household with all the stupid illegal stunts they have pulled, but maybe for another time, however what they absolutely should know is this witch will not tolerate, and does Not scare, and will tell you to take what ever it is shove it where the sun doesn’t shine sideways and pound sand.

So, as this story starts, a letter comes to the house, telling the Godfather be prepared to serve on jury duty for 4 months of his life starting January 1st, thru April. Now, the letter was not polite in the slightest, very demanding, and we’ll, they do not accept anything but medical to excuse you! So excuse me screw any religious beliefs you may have. (What!?!) So the Godfather hands me the letter, bitching up a storm, I said calm down, it’s all good, I will call your doctor in the morning I will get an excuse, it’s all fine, no worries this was some time I think the $rst week of December, well I did and the doctor said I will write a note just pick up at convenience at front desk. I thanked them….then were we having serious car issues, (like so serious, all we were using the car for was to get Kell to work, and then to drive to car lots to look for new car) oh BTW thanks for absolutely nothing don wood you suck…. and thank you rt 33 motors love the new car. Oh and Toyota….we are about to fight…the stupid trunk latch….who ever thought up that was a asshat…and you recall products and system is fucking stupid if you can’t get the car to original dealership!!!!!

OK, sorry, back to original rant, but now you see where in a week or two I may have forgot about that note right? Oh yeah and we had 2 unreliable pieces of crap cars, so we had to borrow the Godfathers Aunts car to go find out I have to have surgery….OK, so back to court it has been about 2 or 3 weeks since we received the first and only letter, and another letter comes we open it and it was nastier then the first,

It stated since the Godfather felt the need not to respond he can show up in court to explain himself, and deal with whatever punishment the judge will give to him…. I thought oh hell f*ck No! Who does this jackhole think he is…now we quickly got a car cause this whole borrowing even though I greatly appreciate it (thank you Berta) but it feels so high schoolish, wasn’t working, went picked up the note at the doctor’s went to the judges office and let them know if I ever receive a note like that at my house again I will be hiring an attorney as i hope everyone in this town will do! How damn dare them talk to hard working law abiding citizens like that. They need knocked off their high horses, just saying.

So have a wonderful day, I hope everyone that celebrates Christmas has a lovely Christmas. Those whom celebrate Hanukkah had a wonderful holiday, and I truly hope everyone has a safe and happy New Years. Treat others as you want to be treated till we meet again, your Grumpy GodMother

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