Well, so much going on, and already screwing up my resolution…wtf..

I set an alarm to start posting to the blog, 3 times a week, yes I know, I failed. But let me explain, I think my readers deserve the best of me, I am not fake, I am who I am, take it. Leave it, well normally I have what I think is a great marriage. But sometimes my hubby comes home in the sh*tiest mood, and we’ll it might take me a day, two or 3 to get to whatever is going on but that’s love…right…I mean let me explain marriage/relationship takes 2, 2 to make it, 2 to break it, now there are extreme circumstances, and yes I lived those also, omg, did I live through those and anyone in a physical abusive marriage I have a piece of advice ” Get Out” you are NOT STUCK! Just comfortable, and that’s not a healthy place to be it is not worth it, you and your life are valued at a whole lot more….

So back to where I was really going with this, *patience* If you love your significant other, spouse, boy/girlfriend whoever, every relationship take work and patience just make sure for your health it’s balanced…So while I try to figure out what put the Godfather in a pissy mood, I am going to take a day or two, I don’t think you all want me this deep. 🙂

…and can I just say, the French president and anyone else in any office who abuses your power, remember this who put you where you are? You can be removed by the people. Even dictators can be taken down. Look at Hitler.

So, with that, have an awesome day, treat others as you want to be treated, and until the next post, please remain safe, healthy and prosperous. Your Grumpy Godmother.

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