So as promised I had been trying to research spices and herbs, and all the health benefits and I came up with a small list.

Spices and herbs just make foods taste better, while enhancing healthier lifestyle. Everyone should be cooking with them and if you can use as many as possible at a time.

Studies have shown that at the very least they fight inflammation, reduce damaged cells, and aid in weight loss, and well nothing can be wrong with all that.

I along with most Professionals agree its better to use real, or dried but I would Never take capsules of spices and herb oils when you can add so much flavor and healthiness to almost everything, but of course before changing any routines or if you have concerns please talk with your Doctor.

So if your new to adding spices, personal suggestion start slow and add pinches till its enough flavor for you. So lets get started!

Cardemom: its is a sweet, pungent spice. It would go well with pumpkin recipes. It soothes upset stomachs, it has been known to fight inflammation, It is high in magnesium and zinc.

Chili Peppers: Fresh, dried, or powdered all great options. First chili’s will give your food a little kick, yum. They are known to boost metabolism, also aids in keeping blood vessels healthy, the capsacin compound is one possible reason. In some recipes to come, I will show you some of the places you can flavor food with peppers.

Cinnamon: Is awesome, we love the sweet but low calorie and sugar free spice. It is easy to find and relatively inexpensive and you can add this to almost everything. Lab studies have shown cinnamon may help with inflammation, and may heal damaged cells also fight bacteria. Research has shown it also may help lower blood pressure and diabetes. No matter what it is part of a healthier diet, but please Do not mistake what I am saying as a cure, and always check with your doctor if you have concerns.

Cocoa: It is a spice, it also has flavonoids which are anti-oxidants which have shown to boost heart health, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, keeps coronary arteries healthy. And (…) like it needed to do more well cocoa just taste great, so with all those factors, why wouldn’t you find a reason you use it 🙂

Cumin: yum, this is one of my personal favorites, I just love the flavor, and there is so many recipes you can add this to. It is rich in iron. Also I believe once I read on Web md a study was done where 88 women (overweight) found that those who ate less then a teaspoon of Cumin a day while on a low calorie diet lost more body fat and weight then those whom didn’t take Cumin on the same diet.

Garlic: This plant has Allicin which is a powerful compound. Lowers chances of heart disease, eating it regularly helps with high Cholesterol and high blood pressure. To get the actual benefits from Allicin you have to crush or chop it fresh, that is when its formed.

Ginger: Can definitely help with upset stomach, it has a calming affect to the lining of the digestive system, also eases nausea, and so awesome in many dish choices which we will discuss later. Lab studies have been done that also show ginger is an anti-inflammatory, and can play a role in preventing diseases such as cancer.

Rosemary: This is a very fragrant herb. Rich in antioxidants. Even just smelling the scent of it can be good for you. A whiff of rosemary has been known to help the brain preform better on memory test and other mental task.

Turmeric: known to ease inflammation, it is a good source of curcumin which may also help ease pain. Newest research shows eating small amounts may slow down or improve Alzheimer’s disease, and possibly help prevent brain plaques that lead to dementia.

So after all this, I will hope some might think about it next time you run thru your local Walmart or General Dollar, these are 2 places you can get spices and herbs dried, pretty cheap, and test out the flavors, the ones I mentioned are just a few.

Have a great day or night, wishing all Good health. And treat others like you want to be treated. Be back soon Your Grumpy GodMother.

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