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I shoot from the hip, then think. Sometimes its good, sometimes not, whoops .you will either like me or hate me, and Im good with that, you will get alittle of everything here, and alot of sarcasm.

Its that time, grab your drink: todays discussion Ted Wheeler Mayor and Kate Brown Governor

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE! NOT President Trump ! Its your city your people, Condemn the violence NOW you stupid fools, Get Control of your cities!

Biden shut up! your 80 days to late! IF I WERE TRUMP WHICH YOUR DAMN LUCKY I AM NOT, I WOULD NOT WORRY ABOUT BEING CALLED A DICTATOR I WOULD HAVECONTROLLED YOUR CITIES 80 DAYS AGO AND CONSIDERED LIVES BLACK WHITE MEXICAN WHATEVER SAVED! HOW DARE YOU PEOPLE IN OFFICE PLAY WITH LIVES LIKE THIS WHEN YOU HAVE CONTROL TO STOP THIS, . Just saying but you all sicken me! And Yes IF it comes down to a revolution you leaders hiding better be fearing US the people because I will go for you sad leaders first! STOP THE FUCKING MADNESS NOW, AND SAVE THE PEOPLE IN YOUR CITIES, THEY DONT DESERVE TO LIVE LIKE THIS. This is not an election ploy! And far leftist are not the way to lead the USA!


I have never been in my life been a racist . But BLM is a terrorist organization they have come right out and said they are Marxist they are not for Black lives that is bullshit and that is why so many blacks and whites are dying because to them NO LIVES MATTER just destruction, how dare anyone who backs and funds them! aka Khols, Target, bed bath and beyond, and the rest of you I will NEVER SPEND ANOTHER DIME WITH EVER! HOW DARE YOU! ONCE AGAIN I WILL SAY IT ” ALL LIVES MATTER” ALTHOUGH I would seriously have to think about some of these whiny ass mayors and governors who no longer deserve a single ounce of respect for letting their own people get murdered UNJUSTLY! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU! LAST WARNING GET CONTROL OF YOUR CITIES NOW!

I have been been biting my tongue, taping my hands behind my back but here goes I finally broke free from the bonds and this Grumpy Godmother is going to let it flow. So if this offends, sorry but bend over and kiss your ass. Personally I am sick and damn tired about worrying about others feelings, especially since I as a human being living in Country a daughter of a Man who gave his whole life to the military (dont get it twisted, he worked hard, I am very proud of my Dad and his accomplishments and I will say my Moms, because without the Military wife backing that husband it doesnt work.) Thank you to all those serving or who have served, you are so appreciated.

NOW my first beef is with “SPORTS” IF YOU HIGH PAYING BITCHES DO NOT STOP USING YOUR JOB AS YOUR PLATFORM YOU WILL LOSE! We the people can live with out you high paid spoiled trash stupid punks! Knock it off Lebron James everyone is sick of your traitor ass, crawl under a rock and disappear will you stupid ! And take Colin Kaperdick with you. Your sad excuses of men and poor sportsmen for kids to follow.

My second beef: what is going on in these Democrazie States and cities, Seattle, Portland, Minnesota, Chicago now Wisconsin IT HAS TO STOP! I dont know if this is a Pelosi/Biden ploy to win the election but your sick and demented people ! LET ME MAKE THIS VERY CLEAR: THIS IS NOT TRUMPS FAULT, THIS IS YOUR GOVERNORS AND MAYORS FAILING YOU IF YOU LIVE IN THESE CITIES! MAKE SURE YOU VOTE THESE STUPID PEOPLE OUT! The violence must STOP! there will be NO defunding of Police that is absolutely Stupid! If anything more funds are needed for more training, but the disrespect that has been given to so many officers is a shame!

Next BLM and Antifa you are not out for any cause ! You are anarchists aka Terrorist and I hope you each get what you have coming to you for what you have done to Our beautiful Country so far. I dont understand why you have Not been shot in the face for the BULLSHIT your causing in these cities but you must have picked cities where people are known not to fight, Understand this is President Trump does Not win there will be a revolution!Most of us are sick and tired of our Country being taken over by Thugs. You are NOT the Majority, ..

The USA WILL NOT LOOK LIKE THIRD WORLD COUNTRY, and any actors and actress’s that dont like this Country ie: the big mouths threatening to leave if Trump wins LEAVE NOW YOU WONT BE MISSED EITHER,.

God Speed, God Bless everyone, people living in the South dealing with Laura please be safe your in our thoughts and prayers!

Well you know its that time, lets grab our drinks and get to todays conversation:

You understand at any given time anyone can respond, argue, talk, ok, with that being said: I hope everyone is having an awesome day! 😊

Todays topic well Im trying really hard to stay away from US and politics right now. Everyone has their thoughts and we not always going to agree on everything, however I will say this Whoever took Paw Patrol off the air, you suck! Tank loves that show.

Actually here I would not be surprised if he wasnt watching Paw Patrol in this picture, what a shame this is getting this rediculous. But I did hear a saying and I love it and I am going to adopt it, “If you dont like the Police simply because they are Police, then when you need help Call a Crackhead.” Honestly, anyone who knows me, knows I personally am a law abiding citizen, but I have had my run ins with a few of the wrong side of the law.

I fully agree there are good and bad Police, just like good and bad white people, blacks, mexicans, but when you start segregating like these tv shows are now doing be very careful this could backfire in your faces. You might end up with something you truly do not like!

Anyway, now to Me….haha I am going to bore you with my life since I cant talk about Politics, or Negative stuff. So as I have mentioned I was adopted. My Parents are frigging awesome. But anyone who has been adopted knows there are always questions. And even more if you have children, health history became very important. I believe I had mentioned after a conversation with middle child, I did a DNA test. And well with alittle help from an amazing group DNA Detectives I found my birth parents, wow.

Birth father had passed, unfortunately but at first I reached out to a Sister and Aunt. My bfather ended up having like 3 or 4 kids, and Bmother ended up having my older sister who I adore, and 3 younger ones that well I am like the black sheep that I suppose was a secret that was suppose to stay dead and buried and thats ok. My issue at first was what the hell? All these kids back in the 60’s and I was the only one given up, they suck! But I found another sibling was also give up, sorta… so that kinda eased that somewhat. I say I understand that my siblings dont want a relationship, but honestly, I dont its thier loss. Times have changed, we have kids, our kids deserve better, but whatever. If all I have is my older sister and her awesome hubby, my adorable nieces, and my sister in law, I am very happy and blessed with that.

My Mom Mary, she is my best friend she has always been there, she raised me, she has always been so supportive and loving and I am so very thankful.

Ending here for now, message for the day: Treat others as you wish to be treated. We are all the same and no one is getting out alive, or with anything more then the next guy. Peace out, Your Grumpy Godmother β€πŸΈβ˜•πŸΊπŸΉπŸ·

Well its that time again, lets grab our beverage and get it going.

Todays topic, family…I called my folks this morning to wish them a happy anniversary. Hubby looked over and said, how many years have they been married now, as I started counted back by eldest siblings age, I called Mom back to double check, because, I hate to be wrong especially over dates. But 64 years. Now let that sink in for a second. They dated for about 7 years before getting married. Thats awesome, they are still so very much in love.

I remember oh my god, seems like forever ago. There was this woman on the radio Delilah show, (I hope I spelled that correct) she had a Valentines day contest going on. I was young, alot younger then I am now, I believe the contest was to write a poem about love, well as all of you have figured out by now, I write from the heart, or mind but definately Not a poet. Anywho, I sat down gave it thought and wrote a poem about my folks and how they are truly an amazing couple. We won, of course I gave the gift and the poem to them because this is thier love story.

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on

You will not very very often see a gushy side to me, but to see them so in love today its nice to know that at any age romance can still live. They have been through 4 adopted kids that they truly wanted, grandchildren. Life was not always easy, Dad was in the service, Mom was a perfect Military wife and Mother. Dont get me wrong she worked also but because she wanted to. I never heard them argue, I never heard them treat each other with any form of disrespect-ever. A strong, loving, happy fulfilling marriage.

Photo by Vojtech Okenka on

With this I am going to end today with a very Happy Anniversary to my folks and anyone else out there celebrating today, enjoy your day as best you can. Peace, love each other, until we meet again. Your Grumpy Godmother❀

Its that time again, lets grab our drinks and its Coffeetime with the Grumpy Godmother time:

Today there have been so many thoughts first how amazing is NASA/SpaceX right now the final preparations are being made for the Space X Falcon Rocket Launch, this is historic. This is something amazing that our kids should be excited about.

It was amazing to watch, to see the rocket and the men make it into space. It felt like such a proud moment, until you could here the asshat Protestors. Really what the hell is wrong with Us, America!?! What is all this self entitled bullshit!?!

But I have to admit, I am disappointed in the people who are destroying our Country from the inside out, Our Enemies Can and will do that. You can protest, what happened was wrong to George Floyd, but please dont disrespect his memory or name! Those police should and will pay. And people should speak out about all and any corruption, never sit quietly that is one of our God Given Rights of this Country that many Men and Women OF EVERY RACE AND CREED HAVE FOUGHT IN OUR Military FOR ALL OF US! But No One gave the right to hurt anyone innocent just because they wear a uniform. NO one has the right to set Post offices, police stations, Stores, buildings of any kind on fire! Your breaking the law by destroying landmarks

Peace out, treat each other well. And stop destroying our Country, we are the ones who will have to come together to rebuild ! The Grumpy Godmother out.

Coffeetime with the Grumpy Godmother, you know the routine, lets grab our drink and get right to it.

Oh my there is so much I wish to talk about but where to start, where to start. Honestly I am going to start with one of my biggest beefs and that is the news and Press- you all are pissing me off! Why cant you just have the reader or listener be your agenda. Stop being sellouts to the point I dont care whats going on, Or to the point I have to do so much friggin homework to find out what the truth is. At my age I dont care honestly to have that much homework. Until, I start listening to the youth of today and some of the arguements. All I can say is oh holy God! If we keep letting everything run in the hands of this Corrupt Government, from top to bottom, and No one can tell me there is not a city or town that doesnt have corruption at some form or level, even mine our kids- kids ore doomed.

At some point someone has to face the facts that if we keep leaving Our Country in the hands of the Corrupted, they will destroy it. They have done a fine job so far. I have watched innocent men plea out. I have watched poor pay bills they could not afford at the scam of their government or get scammed. And the one thing that kills me is when its starts to get divided into a racial issue, when in reality its a financial issue not racial at all.

My deepest condolences go out to the Floyd Family and friends, but the issue here is Corrupted officers who have been getting away with this far to long! This should be 2nd degree no questions. The others watching should have stopped it manslaughter at very least. And this should be an example for every officer across the USA Your now being watched anyone with derogatory remarks on his or her record already, good bye! CHIEFS AND SHERIFFS CLEAN YOUR HOUSES!

The W.H.O. well they are as needed as a third breast. If anyone on this planet has the need to throw away good money please I will gladly give you my address I will take it all 🀣😊

Photo by Pixabay on

And i will even thank you. Anyway moving right along. I think I mentioned I was in the hospital back in January for about 4 days and it was all respiratory ….well now I am not sure if that was Covid or not. And I havent been tested because I guess In our small town we still are not privy to these special test the covid count may be off like that would be a surprise to any of you. 😊 I have been doing well, I have a wonderful, gorgeous sweet sister (and I will explain more about her but I will use a different name till I have her permission) who sent me a bunch of stylish masks. They are all very nice and cute, but very hard to breath with a person who has lung issues already, but I love her to pieces for worrying and thinking of us. ❀❀

There is a new tv show on Tuesday nights 10pm est, I am going to do a shout out, because I was asked to check out the first one, I did thought it was good, informative, and I knew of the woman Cece Moore the show is The Genetic Detective.I thought the show was well done, so give it a shot. And Congrats Cece.

So lets recap, we discussed my Sister and mask, corruption in America, Cece Moore and The Genetic Detective Tuesday 10 pm est.

I will be back but for now my take away, treat others how you want to be treated. That goes for everyone. You get what you give in this life, we cant take anything with us, and everyones day is coming, dont make karma hit you hard. Love and Peace out, thanks for coffeetime❀❀❀

Good afternoon everyone, its that time with the GodMother:

Well it has been a rough month, 2 power outages, then Internet, cable, and phone, oh and prednisone in the beginning it was high doses, it helped the feeling like I was sucking air though a coffee stirrer, but at moments terrified hubby and poor Tankers. [Thanks AEP, rolling eyes] It lead to more unnecessary doctor bills, and work , but then some good Now they the electric company understands that even though my bill is paid in full, you have to provide me with a service that I need. The internet company well they made me realize that at any given time they can shut my phone off [the asshats at the electric company showed that also] so it made me research cell phones and decide at my age I guess we do need 2 even though I hate the phone. But thinking at least I can fire them….to a point…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ a little satisfaction for the grump.

Then after all this the poor dog has heat spots and feels lousy, so he now is on prednisone and antibiotics. Atleast I am back, and can take care of things. Hubby well he was frantic there for a few days, so I am not allowed to scare him like this, and Im not allowed to go anywhere. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š Its cute that he thinks I need permission. πŸ˜‰

I am back, I am doing some homework on pictures and stuff. Has anyone ever had any issues using from these sites like wordpress or anywhere else? Having an issue with another site and not so trusting now. Here is the issue: Hubby made a video, he used the ps4, he used music offered to him thru Share factory to go along with the video [and even though it was a crappy remix] they are now claiming he infringed on some rights and the person who made the claim has the right to shove ads into his video…thats all concerning. We do go with paid versions of all these sites… anywho, if anyone has had similiar issues please hit me up and let me know. More so curiosity, how you handled, maybe suggestions.

So I promise more in the next few days, and it will be more to myself. Until then enjoy, life sucks no one gets out alive, its how we live it which determines how sucky or good.

Coffeetime with the Grumpy GodMother: Small town Courthouse abuse of power!

So yesterday I was at the courthouse sitting on the bench, this irritable older woman walked back and forth about 10 different times, making sure I caught her dirty displeased look each time. I was clean, I was dressed appropriately and I just couldnt figure out what this womans problem was. Looked to the Godfather who was sitting with me and I said one more time of her walking past me with those looks and I will be a smart arse and ask if this is where I get my car title done. From the moment we walked in that door she was nasty, my point is this, I never in my life met this woman, at the very least she has this screwed up She is the one who owed me PEASANTRY! I was not there for myself, and by God even if I was what happened to Innocent before proven Guilty!

I am getting livid with the behaviors out of these people ie, office workers, sherriffs, police, lawyers, Judges, ect You owe the people Pleasantry you miserable grouchy slouches IF YOU CANT TREAT PEOPLE WITH RESPECT GO HOME! YOUR FIRED! I was never allowed to act like that in the work force and I will be damned if I or anyone else I see is treated that way by someone that they dont deserve it from!

Your Grumpy GodMother, play nice today πŸ˜‰

Coffeetime with the Godmother: Well, today is alittle different.

I havent been on much in a day or so, the Godfather and I adopted this adorable dog a year ago. The year flown by but we took him friday to the groomer to get his hair, nails, the works done. I always spice it up by telling him he is going for his spa day, and he perks right up. We finally found the right groomers. You would never imagine, but honestly a dogs haircut can be as screwed up as a humans if not don right (and you know how we feel about our hair!) Anyway kudos to “Hair Of the Dogs WEE Care” in Lancaster Ohio. Not only do they make you feel super comfortable, our furry munchkin smelled and looked amazing! The reason I mention all this is they mentioned a possible medical issue to me, of course this being Memorial weekend, I figured I would call the Veterinary doc that Tank our dog goes to, I didnt get to call till around 5 pm on friday evening going into the holiday the vet office said can you bring Tank in tomorrow at 12:30. I said yes of course, we will be there. We worried all night, the Vet checked him out completely and went above and beyond and check his ears because I had noticed that he had been scratching at his left ear lately, then came time to pay the bill, the Godfather took Tank outside and I dealt with the fun part, but all I can say is thank you so very much Lancaster Animal Clinic! The Dr there is one of the best around we have been going there for a year, and like I said going into the holiday weekend they got us right in, made sure Tank was going to be fine, and the charge very reasonable! Piece of mind knowing he was ok -like the Mastercard commercial ……Everything.

Pretty good weekend, very thankful to all who were involved.

Thieves: Thats my beef for today.

What on gods earth gives the right to anyone to just walk up and steal someone else’s belongings off their property.!?! As child my parents would have beaten me with a belt. I raised my kids right at a young age “Dont Do it” Their are serious consequences! So way back in the day, it was myself, my oldest daughter, and my 2 nephews, just to give a visual me a two 4 year olds and a 2 year old at the store. Fun (rolling eyes) anywho, we got what we went for, and went thru the register and as I was giving the cashier my fullest attention, those little rolled up horoscope thingies were on the very end of th lane (after you check out) of course I wasnt paying attention that was the first mistake as the adult, however I had 3 young kids ughhhh, so by the time we got to the car I noticed them playing with something, I grabbed what my daughter (we will call her Nicki, for the sake of me not having to type daughter, constantly) ok back to Nicki, I looked at what she had , noticed this unrolled horoscope and said where did you get this!?! She replied at the end, on counter…”I said to all 3 as I lined them up this is stealing! We Never Steal! This is your first and only lesson with me! So pay attention or you will end up in jail and thats your future (not truly sure how much the 2 year old learned that day, but he is a Police officer today,so) so I marched the 3 kids back in the store, went to customer service, asked for the manager, he came to us and said how can I help you? I said as I handed him about 10 unrolled horoscopes, My children stoled these and would first like to apologize, 2nd how do you wish to handle this? Do we owe you for these? The manager replied with oh thats fine! No charge, its ok, I took him aside and said look Mr. I am trying right now to teach a very valuable life lesson, ignore their cute blonde scared to death faces and toughen up! He agreed and we stepped back to the kids, he reminded them if they ever stoled again in his store he would have to call the police, take their pictures and hang at front customer service area…so moving right along, we were done with the kids and I said to the manager Now its your turn! WTH is the matter with you people ? Why would you put those stupid things on the other side of the register when parents are paying attention to the cashier and trying to get out of the store, do you realize how much of my time you have taken with this!?! Now I expect anything that has to be paid for from now on to be before the registers and put free crap after! And he agreed and it was done! Just my two cents.

Where has society gone so wrong?! Honestly, I truly hope this strikes up responses ” not arguements”. But everyone works hard for what they have LEAVE IT ALONE! IT ISNT YOURS! OR I like I said to hubby this morning after the poor kid downstairs had his fishing poles and tackle box stolen out of his own vehicle, heck with theives perhaps when caught take their hands…. to harsh!?! Be they wont steal anymore, well it will be harder….. enjoy your day ⚘🎈πŸ₯‚The Grumpy GodMother