Coffeetime with The GodMother: Family and friends…

First let me back up alittle, The GodMother was adopted. I was raised by the greatest parents, they were loving, patient and kind, I must admit I was very blessed there. my siblings, whoof… well, things were ok growing up… but you have to honestly watch the new people that come into an adopted family, and thats just being honest. I know everyone says “their family has that one special person” hmmm, I don’t want to bore you so I wont dredge on but it started with my ex Mother in law, I will Never forget the day, My Mom had sent me a card (birthday, or Mothers day) anyway she tore it into pieces in front of me and proceeded to explain to me that my Mother was not my parent. The next time I experienced such hatefulness was my older brothers wife. we will call him Steve, we were as close as any siblings could be, nothing more, even for adopted kids that’s not even a consideration, but she his wife we will call her Lana, was extremely insecure, and could Not understand our Brother-Sister relationship seeing how we were Not in her eyes real siblings, and well that relationship had to end, and since we were raised Not to divorce, Steve kept the wife. After all that craziness,

I was lucky enough to find Mr. Perfect for my in my 40s, both of us had, had nightmare marriages and said we would never get married again, but after living together for about 6 or so years we finally decided we were perfect for each other and now heading into our 6th Anniversary, I sit here thinking about all we have survived, with us and our health, our siblings, (both sides), our children, moving, the law, We have finally decided it has to be our time. We are leaving the drama behind and heading out into a bright new future.

Hoping a chair on the beach, feet in the water, and a stress free happy ending. And spending time with my Sister and her Hubby, whom we just found each other after 50 plus years and getting to know each other⚘

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Remember, have a great day, or try to. Treat each other like you want to be treated. Stay Strong and we will all get through this.

I know yesterday I said I was going to start talking food, and OMG! I made a flavorful dinner last night, very inexpensive!!! I will share, but found a few post I never shared so cleaning those up first.

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