COFFEETIME with The Grumpy GodMother, todays topic: ALL LIVES MATTER.

Tired of all this segregation. “Black lives matter” “Blue lives matter” I say SUCK IT! Yes you heard me right. Hold on to your panties and finish reading. After all I have seen in my lifetime, these big whiny football players crying about how they are treated by the police or whatever I say SHUT UP AND STAY OUT OF TROUBLE! FIGHT IF YOUR RIGHT! AND From dirty police, (yes I understand there are good ones out there, but just as many bad) All the labels need to go!

I thought we fought hard to get rid of segregation in the 60s and 70s why the hell are we going ass backwards. NOBODY MATTERS MORE THEN THE NEXT PERSON! It shouldnt matter whether male female, child, alien, rich,poor, In this world while we are all stuck here, it should be treat each other as you want to be treated. So there is my thought over coffee this morning.

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