Good morning all, of course its that time grab your coffee, tea, wine, and lets start todays discussion:

Today, is going to be all about Tank aka Tankers. The kids have had all the normal pets growing up, cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbit. I even remember a time when a field mouse had gotten into the house and Nikki the oldest kid, called me at work flipping out because one of the cats had attacked it. (Of course I was on the phone rolling my eyes) I can say this now I think haha, but she Nikki, wanted to save the mouse. I was like what!?! But the kid was all heart… far be it from me to burst her bubble, I responded with just set it back outside, wash your hands and we will do something special when I get home from work. Hours later,I got home and she was on the floor playing with something, I asked what are you doing? She responded with Mom you might get mad but, he isnt ok to go outside yet…Unbelievable! I set traps for these things, and her cats are closed up in her room…so I gave her a few days to heal this mouse on the condition that the mouse gets locked up in her room and and cats have free roam of the house. And she had to find a better option to keep it in, so she knows where it is at at ALL TIMES! She agreed. Kids.

This however is about Tank, and here he is. I never thought I could love a pet as much as I love my kids. He is priceless. He has a personality that is unbelievable, very well behaved, sweet, protective, I just could go on and on but I dont want to bore you. I get unbelievably protective when it comes to him. Because he was honestly never taken care of like we take care of him. When we first got him, he had been through alot. I will leave that there. But my brother still seems to want to yank our chains over ownership, and it pisses me off.

We have invested so much in Tank,and his health and well being. He was so terrified when he came to us and that blanket was actually his security blanky every time he heard a siren he used to fly through the ceiling, but he no longer needs it. He has been a learning lesson as we go, I will be honest, but if something pops up, I call the vet, they get us in usually right away,and most of the time its nothing, but piece of mind is everything. One thing that keeps re-occurring is heat spots. I am not sure what is causing them. But he never complains. If anyone has any input how I can get a handle on this please feel free to email me ( Hope you enjoyed learning some about Tank, he is a full blooded Black Chow chow. About 4 years old, very well behaved, and we are now shopping around for his life mate, we are looking for a white or cream full blooded Chow, so I will keep you informed when that happens.

Have a wonderful day, from us. And remember treat others as you want to be treated no one gets out alive.⚘🎈

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