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Ok, it is that time folks, grab your drink of choice and lets get going: Everyone knows by I say what I feel, perhaps should hold some back, but screw that this is life I am to old raised my kids, this is my time, its all about No regrets at this point. I want people to know me, like me, hate me, but one thing No one will ever say is I wasnt honest, at times a bitch, but I try to give credit when credit is due. Well, by know everyone who has followed has heard something at some point about my small hillbilly little town aka County Hocking….and though I have seen some nightmare stuff from the Courts, some shady Lawyers, see now right here most would think wow this chick must be trouble, but No its just that I seem to have an imaginary magnet attached to me somewhere that says please, come to my house, pull me over, I need harassment from the law, because I try to live my life right. Now I know that sounds a little far fetched, but true. thats why I was getting so bent and ticked off when all these rich sports stars who were getting DUI’s and getting in trouble were crying poor me they are picking on me cause I am black,. No asshole, its cause your in trouble stupid. They come to my home in crack town because they chase the crackheads out of their former neighborhoods (rolling eyes, and thanking the lazy fucking Judges for their Catch and release program, Useless btw.)

Have to apologize,I got off topic. Those who know me, know I recently went thru major surgery. Well today I went for a check up,. All going well, but after that I decided I would go to try and vote depending on the line, how bad parking was. OMG! HOCKING COUNTY board of Elections People/Committee I could Not have been MORE impressed! There were parking spaces right out front just for voters! You go in the front door, give your license, get a gift pen aka no germs, go in a room had a choice to stand or sit, and after just having surgery, that was a nice option, vote and out the side door, think it took a total of 5 to 7 mins toget in and out. So I guess what I am saying is thank you,for making something in this town sweet and easy. Kudos ! Maybe whomever put that all together could do some training or retraining for the rest of the town. Anyway, I just want it known, I give praise where praise is deserved and there we have it. Hocking County Board of elections Earned a A+ for the day.

Hey folks, its that time let grab our coffee, drink of choice and get to it;

Honestly, it has been truly hard to write much over the past 6 to 8 months. I find I am angry. Which honestly isnt me. I am a sarcastic, sometimes funny, warped, easy going, but this whole election thing has like this cloud that just seems to surround me when I hear people I love and adore falling for 1st Bidens Bullshit, then Biden/ and his hoe Harris Bullshit. Those two people are Evil, lazy pieces of crap. And people who are Not doing their due diligence, to find out their pasts well shame on you! The part that truly pisses me off is if those two liars win, which let me state this I didnt think Trump was a sweetheart deal the first time around- But I did believe with all my heart he was the better of the 2 choices out of him and Hillary and I stand by that today, Hillary Clinton let those innocent men die in Bengazi. Those Men should have been pulled out, but werent,that was unforgivable!. The other thing is Clinton was around during Nixon, dont tell me her lifer sorry ass didnt have a part of Watergate and know better. She also knew what was going on with Bill, didnt care, he lied! They are fools and she and Bill ripped off the American people and others with all their scams, and should feel disgusted and like traders and just finally disappear under a rock some where, but wont its like we are just stuck with that plagued bitch,but whatever…when Hillary and Bill thee pervert are finally locked up at Gitmo I would love to be her Guard for a weekend. Anywho.

Moving right along, the thing that discourages me about the United States and humans is I believe stupidity, or laziness to do the homework, or they are going with what sounds good in the commercials! But Commercials are lies. My fear is what are we leaving my kids, my kids kids, your kids kids kids. We aretalking Generations to come and if Biden/harris somehow steal this election they have lied and contradicted themselves so much, there is no doubt this will be a COMMUNISTS COUNTRY! There is no doubt That thiswill be the end of the United States of America as we all knew it. So those of you who have not voted yet, DO YOUR HOME WORK! KNOW YOUR CANDIDATES! Please dont give up your Country because you think your getting something for free! Nothing is free! You may not like Trump but he has done everything he said he would do since being elected,first time around.

Please dont sell out the Country to a man Biden who has held office positions for 47 years and proven nothing,but gotten rich, and rich of his son Hunter who made alot of money during Joes term with Obama from Russia, Ukraine, and China,. Also Harris, track record put and innocent man on death row during a year she was going for Senator! And was going to let him die! Also was all for arresting parents of tardy children!?! Holy crap! We do not need these Psychos in office folks, remember this you might be the next person heading to that gas tank or prison cell !

WELL, my 2 cents, hopefully we will still live in a free Country, treat each other as you wantto be treated! Till next time, enjoy your life, . Your Grumpy GodMother ❤⚘